Monday, November 24, 2014

Ein Freakwork von "Majed - Pull"

majed pull 300x300

Seit heute ist das neue Release von Majed mit dem Namen “Pull” exklusiv auf Beatport erhältlich.

Das schreibt das Label Fummelerum dazu:


Majed shares a fresh Tech Hose track with native vocals and tight minimal tribal grooves. To introducing Majed for our crowd, we created three remixes by our Berliners: Der Freak’s “Freakwork” added his typical sound, a minimal holding, pumping sound, like the touch of the pulsating Saturday night vibes from the Kitkat Dancefloor.

Corvin Dalek’s mix goes deeper, picking up the track from the earth and let it fly over the (under)ground with an atmosphere of a technoide after party sound. Smoky Mirror’s opening some lights again to the end, rising these ep with looped, crossed house melodies to a nice deeper floating aural experiences.

… und so klingt meein Freakwork des Tracks