Wednesday, September 4, 2013


FMR12 Various Artists - Reset

Um mir es ein bisschen einfacher zu machen übernehme ich hier einfach mal die Original-Beschreibung von der Fummelerum Company Homepage.

he main album from the trilogy with 23 full length mixes from 19 different artist’s productions. in these edition are the most wanted tracks from our backcatalogue in combination with a couple of fresh unreleased new exiting productions. we are very plesured for the collaborations with central dogma records and jet alone from mexico and black & purple records from ecuador, they supported our projects with powerfull own mixes and remixes, all over these first year. in these project we’ve got collected to each other to remix our productions and create so some magical energetic ambience..

the artists are from plently different places, communicating trough internet to each other, also exchanging some ideas and let inspirefrom self and the others. something like an intuitive choosen free patterns communitie, speaking with latest kind of music.

we are very plesured to share these solid selection include all the aspect of life, whichsoever that echo created by the artist in sound design and groove management :)


1. Logarythm – In The Realm Of Senses

2. True Anomaly – Eaten Up By Nothing

3. Corvin Dalek feat. Smoky:Mirror – Spanish Fly (Daniel Kimse Remix)

4. Jakub Mildner – The Planets Last Dance

5. True Anomaly – Kush (Smoky:Mirror Remix)

6. Temor Hamid – Nauang (Instrumental Mix)

7. Der Freak – Become

8. Corvin Dalek – Pounds & Pénz (No Debt in 2012 Remix)

9. Whitty & Dalek – Wake Up! (O´Hara & Soundwave Remix)

10. Majed – El Fusio

11. Temor Hamid – Dubstyla (Monogramm Remix)

12. Smoky:Mirror – Xymox (Mario Plays Bizarre Tlatoani Remix)

13. Nikola Majdanovic – Dalton

14. Whitty & Dalek – Wake Up! (Carlos Crespo Remix)

15. Corvin Dalek – Asyl For The Truth (David Chrissor Remix)

16. Omar Labastida – Perez Prado (El Parade Remix By Corvin Dalek)

17. Ed Whitty – Trigger

18. Tomas Kerata – Uninvited Ideas

19. Smoky:Mirror – Sheet Of Lavender

20. True Anomaly – Maybe You Were a Mermaid

(Corvin Dalek Vocalizator Remix)

21. Zpiral – Story Of A Mad Man

22. feat. Smoky:Mirror – Outro

23. feat. Smoky:Mirror – Don´t Go Without Love (Club Mix)

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